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Welcome to DLMulsow's Sim-Antics - Live Journal

Welcome to DLMulsow's Sim-Antics Live Journal.

Because of the decline in Sims in general, I have been forced to close the site for lack of interest. I have moved on to other things and don't find simming as fun or enjoyable as it once was.

This will be where I post my slim body builder meshes and hourglass meshes. I will also be posting some of my more popular downloads as well. Be looking for your favorites soon.

Thanks to all those who supported DLMulsow's Sim-Antics, you are well appreciated. I hope all you are looking for has been included here. If there is something in particular that you are looking for that isn't here, (that I made) please feel free to email. I might have it in archive.

Sincerely, DLMulsow
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